After crossing 30 countries on our car, we drove through snowy regions but never actually drove in deep snow. So back in India, we decided to explore our very own might Himalayas and go for a snow drive in Manali ! Manali is a beautiful hill station in Himachal Pradesh and is about 300 kms from Chandigarh. The drive is beautiful and scenic ! Manali was covered in snow …! It was as if we are driving on the white clouds!

We were very lucky to have witnessed snow fall the very next day of reaching Manali. Driving in the snow can be very tricky as the tyres skid a lot in the snow covered roads. When snow melts and freezes again, it become hard and slippery. Our car also got stuck a few times (check out in the videos). Along with enjoying the mesmerising beauty of snow covered Manali, we had to be very cautious about our driving too. But it was indeed an amazing and thrilling experience!